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Where it all began, A conversation with my Dad

Where it all began, A conversation with my Dad

November 26, 2022

My dad and I had some amazing adventures messing around on boats when I was young.  Today I sit down with him and chat about the fond and remarkable events of my childhood that shaped my love of boating. 

As an architect he was clever and creative, as my dad he was kind and cheeky.  He taught me to be the captain of my own ship, instilling in me responsibility and resilience. 

From small boats around an island to whale watching adventures up north, Dad shares his recollections of the holidays and weekly race meet ups that kept him busy and me entertained.

I truly and deeply value this conversation and forever have my memories in his own words.   I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

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Andrea Francolini captures the beauty of the seas and his subjects in one shot

Andrea Francolini captures the beauty of the seas and his subjects in one shot

November 12, 2022

A long time in the making, this conversation with Andrea Froncolini compelled me back to time spent in Italy and I am grateful for our time together.   Andrea is a well known and revered artist, using his photographic skills to capture the essence of whatever his subject matter is. 

Literally falling into photography (a great story he shares in this episode), Andrea has gone onto make a difference to the lives of young children in Pakistan by raising money to fund their education. 

He also shares some of the amazing stories by the images you see on his webpage and instagram account.  Contracted to many of the big corporate sponsored sailing events, Andrea took on a personal project to amplify the presence of women in boating by taking their portraits at the Sydney to Hobart, a few years ago. 

His Eye2Eye portrait series has captured a wave of attention whilst the Whilst You Were Sleeping exhibition share the water scapes of Sydney's sea board at a time when many would be.

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We'll see you on the water, again, soon. 

The Catamaran is a hull-of-lot of Boat with Mark Elkington CEO of Iliad Catamarans

The Catamaran is a hull-of-lot of Boat with Mark Elkington CEO of Iliad Catamarans

October 29, 2022

With two hulls, these wonderful boats is a unique experience if you are looking for a relaxing sail in the harbour or along the coast line.

Today I'm speaking with Mark Elkington, CEO of Iliad Catamarans who manufacture and sell in a competitive market of boating.

Long Range, Robust and Customisable.

Catamarans give you the flexibility to create the onboard lifestyle you are looking for. A blank canvas  that is only restricted by your imagination.

If you in 2 metre seas the ride is comfortable with a broad bridge deck that provides space and safety. 

Mark shares his history and the journey of his passion for boating with me and the stories that make his life so interesting.  From cyclones to lazy days on the Whitsunday Islands.....this is an interesting listen. 

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The Boat Princess Update and Interview with one of our younger boating crew - Chloe

The Boat Princess Update and Interview with one of our younger boating crew - Chloe

October 15, 2022

In this episode I give you an update on all things The Boat Princess, a brand that started 2 years with the intention to create awareness about the career pathways and roles in the multi sector industry. 

We've interviewed a number of women and men about the opportunities that exist and some new ones that have been created to accomodate the advancement in technology. 

Today I also interview young Chloe, a young 12 year old with a dream of designing boats and a big Below Deck fan. Chloe is from one of our families that moor their boat at the Empire Marina at Bobbin Head and we talk what the future looks in Boating. 

Finally I share with you all the events that are coming up in the next few months including a specific Boating License Course just for women on the 4th November and our Ladies Lunch that starts at 2pm that afternoon. 

Click on the link to buy a ticket and join me for an amazing afternoon in a private room overlooking the Empire Marina with incredible women who will share their challenges and opportunities in the Boating and Marina Industry. 

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Andy and Pete : Princess Yacht Design that delivers forward thinking details with a difference

Andy and Pete : Princess Yacht Design that delivers forward thinking details with a difference

October 1, 2022

So for this episode I again come to you from the UK, a trip that just keeps on giving and this interview is no different. I caught up with Andy and Pete who design the Princess Yachts, turning the blank canvas of the hull into a awe inspiring jaw dropping space that ensures every Princess Yacht owner happy.

Andy Lawerance, the Director of Design, shares his journey into Princess Yachts from Jaguar and Pete Callum, Principle Creative Designer, also explains how years spent designing the interiors of luxury brand vehicles, and then followed his addiction with the sea where the logical progressions was to boats.  Pete spent some time in Australia working for Ford.

Andy and Pete dive deep into how the design team create the finished product of a Princess Yacht and bring all the components of the boating ecosystem together, navigating the challenges building a beautiful boat brings. 

'You find space where you thought there was none'.

Princess Yachts is an innovative global organisation that are leading the space in sustainability, so hang in there as Andy and Pete unpack the future of boating.

Women Can Be What They Can Sea

Women Can Be What They Can Sea

September 17, 2022

So in this episode I'm coming to you from Princess Yachts in Plymouth where I was fortunate to spend time with many and amazing people from the boating world.  Today I'm sharing stories with Hayley Spencer Manufacturing Engineer, and Tia Lawton Junior HR Business Partner at Princess Yachts.

Both women share their pathway through apprenticeship into the industry traditionally occupied, and over represented, by men. While Hayley spends much of her time in an engine room building the power house of the yachts, Tia has firmly found her passion in managing the people and in leadership. 

Between developing career plans and overcoming covid, Hayley and Tia talk about the challenges with managing families and changing attitudes in the industry.

Hear how they spend each day and the variety of tasks, jobs and people they spend it with. 

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See you on the water soon!


Setag is rebuilding the Super Yacht world from the inside out with Ellie Gates

Setag is rebuilding the Super Yacht world from the inside out with Ellie Gates

September 3, 2022

Setag is a yacht refurbishment business built on the knowledge collected over years of industry experience.  Elle Gates who is the daughter of the Setag Founder, Chris Gates, is my guest on this episode and it's a whole lot of fun.

Proudly following in her father’s footsteps, Ellie has a love for the marine industry, having worked for Princess Yachts in their Marketing department for three years whilst completing their 12-month graduate training program.

Immersing herself in the world of luxury brands, she worked on projects outside of Princess Yachts for LVMH and Automobili Lamborghini, giving her a keen eye for luxury goods and developing a key understanding of the clientele.

Hope you enjoy this chat, another incredible opportunity during my UK trip. 

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Mothers in Boating throw LIfe Jacket to mums who are drowning in doubt

Mothers in Boating throw LIfe Jacket to mums who are drowning in doubt

August 21, 2022

So in this episode we turned starboard and tac our way through the challenges of motherhood in the boating industry.  Emma and Danielle are successful women in boating at opposite ends of motherhood.  Emma is just starting out with a young child and another on the way and Danielle is riding the rollercoaster of teenagisim. 

They share the challenges of what many mums face. Mother guilt, the ticker of worry and feeling like they are drowning in self doubt. But often it is the associated language of 'leaving the workforce' 'stepping back into the workforce', 'going part time', 'stopped working' and 'career break' that creates a separation between what they are doing and who they are. 

Mums can be both working and parenting.

From Maternity Leave, Equal Pay, Part Time Work and Flexibile Hours, women have fought on the front lines of workplaces to secure entitlements that ensure they remain employed, advanced their career and hold influential positions in decision making.

Being the mum is a unique role in the life of another human and we get into the gritty in this conversation. Warning: Plenty of Truth Bombs.

Motherhood is a huge responsiblity as we ride the waves, get caught in the rip tide and set sail - looking very much forward to another sunset, exhausted and loved. 

I've recorded this interview in the UK during a recent trip where I toured many of the factories and show rooms of yacht manufacturers.

Every minute of this episode is inspiring and I am so grateful for this conversation. So if you're a mum drowning in doubt, remember 'It's a bad day, not a bad life' - Emma and Danielle.

See you on the water soon. Nicky xx



200 Miles from the nearest English Coastline with Miles Moorehouse

200 Miles from the nearest English Coastline with Miles Moorehouse

August 6, 2022

As I prepared for this interviewed I sat with my guest MIles Moorehouse, the man behind the Fairline Brand, in a room watching a 58 foot yacht sail past the window.  The only thing was it wasn't sailing on a picturisque ocean of the English Coastline - in fact we were 200 miles inland at the Fairline Factory where the original owner,      set up shop.

Miles shares the journey of the Fairline Brand that is steeped in history and classic English storylines.   As the original fibreglass boat builder, Jack Newing Newington acquired an assortment of disused gravel pits by the River Nene, and the land between the main lake and the road. By cutting a route through from the lake to the river, and erecting workshops, offices, a chandlery shop and slipway, he transformed the area into Oundle Marina.

He spent his leisure days inadvertently showcasing the boat designs and launching the Fairline factory and more recently collaborating with the Italian yacht designer Alberto Mancini has resulted in a unique combination of contemporary style with a long-standing heritage.

Listen as Miles and I share a laugh and the elements of great design.

Light, detail, volume and finesse, paired with the security of outstanding seakeeping.  This is where understated elegance meets performance and adventure.

Building Boats with Bill Barrow from Princess Yachts

Building Boats with Bill Barrow from Princess Yachts

July 23, 2022

This is another incredible conversation from my UK trip where I was treated to a tour of the Princess Yacht International factory. 

I caught up with Bill Barrow, who is the international sales manager of Princess Yachts and he shares how he started sailing at 6 years old with his mother and building boats when he was just 8 years old. 

As we reflected on his years in the boating industry, Bill talks about his education in marine studies, experiences in production boat building and service industry.

From owning his own marine service business to his current role with Princess, Bill's passion for the industry will continue long into his 'retirement' which is due to take effect any day now. 

Also in this epsidoe I give some tips on attending this years Sydney Boat Show.

1. Shoes off, no handbags

2. Don't be the person that opens every cupboard door

3. Don't lie on the beds

4. Ask the questions of the crew.

Sydney Boat Show starts this Friday 28th July 2022 and I will be hosting an industry event on Friday from 4.30pm - 6pm so go here to get your tickets. 

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