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Tracy Souris - Childhood boating adventures created a strong and successful women

Tracy Souris - Childhood boating adventures created a strong and successful women

September 25, 2021

Introducing my good friend, Tracy Souris.

She is the Marina Manager at Sydney Boathouse.  In this episode she shares how the largest Drystack storage facility is taking the boat ramp rage out of boating and making leisure time more enjoyable.   She shares the influence her childhood experiences on the water with her adventurous parents had on her ‘falling’ into roles within the Marine Industry and how they helped her become the strong and successful women she is today. 

I particularly love the misadventure stories as we wrap up nearly an hour of the most insightful conversation about the multiple pathways and opportunities that exist for women in boating. 

Since this conversation back in May, the Marine Jobs website has been launched where you can find the collaboration between the Marina Industries Association, the Boating Industry Association and Superyacht Australia to support training, skills, jobs and careers in the marine industry across Australia. 

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Hope to see you on the water soon with a glass of Pommery Champagne.



Nona Pedersen talks barnacles, boat care and the Propspeed Brand

Nona Pedersen talks barnacles, boat care and the Propspeed Brand

September 11, 2021

From DIY to Professional marine tradies, antifouling, protection and maintenance protects underwater metals against corrosion and keeps them free from marine growth.


Today I’m speaking with Nona Pedersen, who is the General Manager of Propspeed: a revoluntionary and innovative product that has been preferred by boaties for over 21 years.  It literally is the gold standard of protection products for the saildrive and propeller. 

The iconic glimmer of gold is recognisable and envied as boats are hauled from the water to undertake the annual antifouling process.

This is the conversation that chips away at the stories about the barnacles on the bottom of the boat, and a treatment that ensures the optimisation of speed, budget and performance. 

In this episode you’ll also find out how you can step onto the launch and into a boating career with a new jobs platforms with the BIA/MIA/Superyacht Australia. 

Learn how to get yourself one of the Boat Princess caps : A movement for confident women who take the helm.

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Adventures of The Sailor Girl - Nic Douglass

Adventures of The Sailor Girl - Nic Douglass

August 28, 2021

Episode 7 - The Sailor Girl - Nic Douglass

In this episode I talk to Nic Douglass, world class sailor with multiple medals and championships spanning over her competitive career. She is fresh off the Olympic Sailing Decks in Tokyo where she was asked to be the English speaking host,  calling the sailing competition in which Australia won 2 gold medals.  From quarantine, Nic spoke with me, sharing her most recent experience as host, her journalist career in the sportsworld and carving out her unique personal brand as the Sailor Girl. 

She shares her fun early childhood stories from her sailing family. Nic speaks highly of her father who was also her World Championship team mate in 2005 and sailing partner for over 25 years and the support and patience of her mum who followed them around the world as they competed. 

These Adventures of a Sailor Girl have been well documented in blogs, video and podcasts by Nic over the years and she currently holds a World Championship title.

Somehow she also finds time to volunteer for the Making Waves Foundation.


This is a fun, energy filled podcast, talking all things boats, and her love of the sport of sailing. 


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The Boat Princess speaks with Alanta from Princess Yacht’s

The Boat Princess speaks with Alanta from Princess Yacht’s

August 14, 2021

This is the episode where Nicky speaks with marketing manager, Alanta from Princess Yachts, the Australian distributor and winner of the 2021 Marketing Awards.  Nicky has her own Princess Yacht and was graciously hosted by the Haynes family during the trip to The Sancturay Cove Boat Show.  

When Alanta returned to Australia from her laptop lifestyle in Bali, she was a sought after and engaged as the events manager.  Her first time in the boating industry presents a variety of tasks, from taking Princess owners on a four day retreat throught the Whitsundays to building a membership package and new website.

Both The Boat Princess and Princess Yachts engage with Australia's leading marketing merchandise company for boating, Quality Marine Clothing. Head over to @theboatprincess on instagram for ways to win the merch. 

The Boat Princess has done her research and you'll hear the history of Princess Yachts and some interesting features that making it uniquely Princess. 


This episode was recorded at The Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

Check out the look book on their website or check out


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Kay Cottee is something special, from humble to the Sailing Hall of Fame

Kay Cottee is something special, from humble to the Sailing Hall of Fame

July 31, 2021

Welcome Back to The Boat Princess Podcast.

This is the second part of my interview with Kay Cottee and we are still chatting as we overlook the mighty Clarence River. We are drinking a nice cup of tea and picking at cheese cake by now and the conversation just got a bit deeper. We delve a little more into Kay as a person. How does she deal with her ADHD? What hobbies she enjoys and what did she do on her wedding day that made us truly belly laugh?

From discussing how women should get into the boating industry to the very first boat she designed, we hope you enjoy this second episode, and come to know more about this amazing woman, who has spent time with the queen and ambassadors but still just calls them “people”.

Enjoy. And I can't wait for the final and 3rd episode of our conversation that will be in out in the next couple of weeks. 

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You can find out more about Kay Cottee here,

Australian of the Year 1988

Sea Mueseum 

Women of Australia

Sailing Hall of Fame

Australian Mueseum


The Woman At The Helm of the Marina Industries Association : CEO, Suzanne Davies

The Woman At The Helm of the Marina Industries Association : CEO, Suzanne Davies

July 17, 2021

Today I’m talking to Suzanne Davies, CEO of the Marina Industries Association. Suzanne has had a successful career spanning over 30 years in service industries, particularly hospitality and the marine sectors. In October 2020 Suzanne commenced as the CEO of the Marina Industries Association and I am excited about the changes she has already made to the direction of this important education and standards facilitator of the industry.

Suzanne has spent nearly 15 years in senior management roles in the marina industry. For over 12 years, Suzanne was the General Manager of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, the state's largest and most comprehensive waterfront facilities and sailing club. Suzanne then moved to take on the role of CEO of the country's largest marina group, d'Albora Marinas. Suzanne was a director and the treasurer of the MIA 2012- 2020 and is currently on the board of Australian Sailing. Prior to the marina industries, Suzanne held senior roles in a number of hotel groups including Sheraton, Meriton and Mirvac. This is a pattern we have seen before - even in myself that many women transition from hotels into marinas - after all there are many similarities.

Suzanne explains what the MIA does and how her career opportunities came about. For more information on the Marine Industries Association go to and if you are looking for opportunities available in the boating industry or have opportunities within your marine or marina business that you would like to advertise go to 

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Jess Gatt A deep dive into the world of Marine Science

Jess Gatt A deep dive into the world of Marine Science

July 3, 2021

Jess is the General Manager of Marine Pro Systems and Logix Group and a mum. She has a Medical Science degree and a deep passion for boats. She is married to her business partner, Brian, who she says is a clever electrician. Together they have a genuine commitment  to sharing their knowledge and research about the innovative corrosion products available for propulsion protection for various types of boats. 

Jess understands what her clients need to create efficiencies with the goal of reducing maintenance. Brian and Jess’s roles, as has technology, have evolved in the business, using their respective skills to solve complex problems with some very expensive tools. From scope metres, infra-red cameras and anodes for shaft drive and outboard engines, the investigation process analyses the issues such as pitting and metallic structure degradation. 

Jess was travelling a lot prior to Covid and has big R&D projects in the pipe line but is the first to say she doesn’t always get it right with the juggle but continues to strive to achieve a balance between her roles at home and her marine career.

The Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 2021

My Vanish Tour with Mitchell Torrens

My Vanish Tour with Mitchell Torrens

June 19, 2021

This is a special episode as Nicky is taken around My Vanish Super Yacht, by the owner Mitchell Grant Torrens. Recently renovated, this is a space by space, room by room account highlighting the quality of style, furnishing and fittings you'll see on this superb custom made Mangusta.  From the Rolls Royce Engines to the custom ordered Ferrari Seats at the helm, dove tailed joinery and embroidered bed and bathroom accessories, this big 92 foot boat has everything you'll need and frequently pulls into the shallowest of bays in the Whitsundays thanks to it's engine set up.  Built for comfort and speed, Nicky gets a little excited as she steps into the engine room (she does like a good engine room) to discuss all about 'redundancy', just one of the terms we use in the boating world.

Nicky also attended the Torrens Launch Party at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

Click on link to see her photo in the Gold Coast Bulletin,  Faces and Places Section!

WOOHOOOO This episode is one hell of ride and for just under $4million, Nicky thinks it's awesome value for a waterfront palace you can park anywhere in the world.

Big thanks to Mitchell for his time, another great guy in the boating industry that is welcoming and supporting women. 


Torrens Luxury Collection is a leading Yacht broker with a global network of associates and an international presence that combines with the local knowledge necessary to service the desires of its clients worldwide.



Part 1: Kay Cottee Australia’s ‘first lady’ to sail around the world and more

Part 1: Kay Cottee Australia’s ‘first lady’ to sail around the world and more

June 19, 2021

In this interview, Nicky has dropped in on her good friend, Kay Cottee, Australia's and the World's first woman to sail solo around the world.  She was at sea for 189 days, returning June 5, 1988 to a sea of well wishers on Sydney Harbour.  This is more than just that story. From advice on how to overcome your fear of public speaking to belly laugh stories from Kay's life this interview has it all. 

This is the real Kay Cottee, warm, adventurous and loved. 



The Boat Princess Podcast - Introducing Nicky Vaux

The Boat Princess Podcast - Introducing Nicky Vaux

June 19, 2021

Nicky Vaux shares her valuable experiences about Women in Boating. With a personal goal to engage more women in the Marine industry you'll come to love the Boat Princess as we do. This arena is not just a playground only to the rich and famous and she would like to invite you aboard to experience this luxurious lifestyle full of opportunity.

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