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Andrea Francolini captures the beauty of the seas and his subjects in one shot

November 12, 2022

A long time in the making, this conversation with Andrea Froncolini compelled me back to time spent in Italy and I am grateful for our time together.   Andrea is a well known and revered artist, using his photographic skills to capture the essence of whatever his subject matter is. 

Literally falling into photography (a great story he shares in this episode), Andrea has gone onto make a difference to the lives of young children in Pakistan by raising money to fund their education. 

He also shares some of the amazing stories by the images you see on his webpage and instagram account.  Contracted to many of the big corporate sponsored sailing events, Andrea took on a personal project to amplify the presence of women in boating by taking their portraits at the Sydney to Hobart, a few years ago. 

His Eye2Eye portrait series has captured a wave of attention whilst the Whilst You Were Sleeping exhibition share the water scapes of Sydney's sea board at a time when many would be.

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We'll see you on the water, again, soon. 

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