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Princess at home in Plymouth with Alison Thompson from Princess Yachts

July 9, 2022

In this episode I travelled to Plymouth for a VIP tour of Princess Yachts, where I spoke to Alison Thompson, the Head of Learning and Development.  Alison has such a deep passion in developing the skills and supporting the career paths of those people responsible for building Princess Yachts, and she shares it with me in this episode. 

Princess Yachts is a family business with a proud history of quality marine vessels and talented staff.  Alison, a mother of three, has taken on the challenges life dishes up and combined her love of learning and the Boating Industry, to ensure gender equity in the recruiting process of their apprenticeships.  'Its about opportunity, so we are talking to children in primary schools an giving them that opportunity to experience the boating industry.'

This episode is the essence of The Boat Princess Podcast.  Talking to the women who have done it.  If you are considering a career in the Marine Industry, check out or

The Boating Industry is an international playing field with lots of sectors but it take people who are well trained and educated to ensure it continues to thrive. 

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See you on the water soon!  Nicky from Plymoth 

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